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Time Marches On

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When I was in high school in the 1960s, I was the newspaper correspondent for the Indian Head News.  I remember entering the news office for the first time and being quite impressed by all the equipment necessary for printing as well as the strong smell of ink.  My responsibilities were to report the “goings on” at the school for each weekly publication.  I was paid by the inch and so my columns were fairly long!  😊 After graduation, I moved away and have not lived in Indian Head since then. In 2006 I was appointed as the Medicine Hat...

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The Mind/Body Connection

Dr. Linda Hancock 15. The Fifteenth Year Health and Fitness Health and Fitness_And More iStock Self Improvement Self Improvement_Goal Setting

When I was young our family used to love to go to Katepwa Lake for holidays. My uncle had a beautiful boat with a sixty-horsepower motor and all my cousins enjoyed water skiing behind it. The problem was that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to get up out of the water! I remember the morning of my nineth birthday. The sun was shining, and the water was as smooth as glass. First thing I asked my uncle if I could try once again to ski. He agreed. After carefully tying on the life jacket, I got...

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Focus to Reach Goals

Dr. Linda Hancock 12. The Twelfth Year Self Improvement Self Improvement_Goal Setting

I have a client who faithfully goes to the gym three times a week. He told me that he is surprised at the lack of focus of others who are "working out" at the same time. Some of them are so busy looking at their phones that their speed is significantly reduced. Others may doddle or use some of their time visiting so they don't use their time wisely. My client wants to ensure that his workouts are effective for him and has therefore developed a strategy for boosting his productivity. He deliberately wears a sweatshirt with a large hood...

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Set Small Goals

Dr. Linda Hancock 11. The Eleventh Year Self Improvement Self Improvement_Goal Setting

Five years ago, my youngest son, Mark, was managing a large trucking company in Saskatoon. The work was demanding. He didn't think he was in a career. Because of his obvious passion for helping people his friends told him that he should be a mediator. Mark called me to discuss his options and I recommended that he enter a profession where he could be licensed. Mediators do not have a regulatory body and licensing is therefore not possible. After several months of thought, Mark decided he wanted to follow in my footsteps and become a Registered Psychologist. I didn't want...

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Get Started Right

Dr. Linda Hancock 11. The Eleventh Year Home and Family Home and Family_Holidays Home and Family_Holidays_New Years iStock Self Improvement Self Improvement_Goal Setting

January is a time when many individuals set goals and decide to make changes that will improve their lives. Unfortunately, by February their plans are often abandoned long before success is reached. The result can be disappointment mixed with self- disgust. It doesn't have to be that way though. By following a few simple steps, your resolutions will be realized: 1. Don't say it unless you mean it - Most people would say that they want to be wealthy, thin, lovable and healthy but not all of them are willing to do what it takes! If you aren't prepared to...

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Get 'Er Done!

Dr. Linda Hancock 10. The Tenth Year Self Improvement Self Improvement_Goal Setting

We are several weeks into the new year and I am wondering how you are doing with your resolutions... Hopefully you have written down the goals and are working towards them already. Sometimes, however, we procrastinate or fail to get started because we don't have a realistic plan. Keep it simple so you don't feel overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to help you move forward. Daily Living Tasks If you don't make a mess, you won't make to spend a lot of time cleaning up. Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. Make your appliances...

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How Long Does It Take to Clean A Toilet?

Dr. Linda Hancock 08. The Eighth Year Self Improvement Self Improvement_Goal Setting

When I ask this question, I get a very wide range of responses. Some people quickly state "A couple of minutes". Others, who obviously do not have a lot of experience with cleaning toilets, stare in silence. My response is "It depends on when you start and on how many interruptions you have". You see, there are many, many things in life that can be done fairly quickly if you just get started and not allow things to interrupt you during the process - like paying bills, taking the garbage out or organizing a closet. Once these things are done,...

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Keep Trying - You Will Get There!

Dr. Linda Hancock 07. The Seventh Year Self Improvement Self Improvement_Goal Setting

I was recently contracted by Celebrity Cruise lines to serve as a speaker on their newly launched Silhouette ship destined for the Caribbean. Little did I know that the journey would require five flights and a number of delays just to get to Port Liberty in order to sail. My first airplane ride took me to Calgary where I had been booked by US and Canada Customs for an interview to secure a NEXUS card. I had figured that having this would streamline the security process for me. What I didn't know was that you can't actually use the system,...

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Old Habits and New Beginnings

Dr. Linda Hancock 06. The Sixth Year Self Improvement Self Improvement_Goal Setting

At the start of the new year, people often make decisions to get rid of old habits and implement positive change into their lives. Sometimes they might attempt to quit smoking, lose weight or even try spending less in order to save more than they did in the past. Gym membership sales soar and the registrations for health-based programs usually increase significantly at the beginning of January. Unfortunately, by February you usually don't have to fight the crowds for exercise equipment and you can pretty well pick which group you would like to enroll in as the dropout rates are...

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What's Holding You Back?

Dr. Linda Hancock 05. The Fifth Year Self Improvement Self Improvement_Goal Setting

So often I hear people talk about what they wished they had done in the past or what they might do in the future. They might state that they want to travel "someday" or focus all their energy on the day when they will retire. They might state that they want to visit a favourite relative, or get training in order to change careers - "someday". As soon as I hear these things I ask "What's holding you back?" You see, there are thousands of airplanes that fly every day to beautiful vacation destinations. Retirement is years away and is...

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New Year's Resolutions - Can You Finish What You Start?

Dr. Linda Hancock 05. The Fifth Year Self Improvement Self Improvement_Goal Setting

It's a new year and everywhere we turn there are articles and conversation about resolutions. A resolution is a promise that you make to yourself. Usually the promise involves deliberate changes that will improve your situation over the ensuring year. Some individuals focus on improving their health with exercise and eating of nutritious foods. Others might determine to spend less, save more or develop a financial plan for the future. Many state that they will travel, quit drinking or smoking, spend more time with friends and family or perhaps become more organized. The sad part about resolutions is that frequently...

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We Are Never Disappointed Unless We Have Expectations

Dr. Linda Hancock 04. The Fourth Year Self Improvement Self Improvement_Goal Setting

So often I deal with individuals who are hurt, upset or disappointed about something that has or hasn't happened as expected.  A failed relationship, financial loss or wayward child can rock one’s world!  When we are disappointed, it is usually because we had expectations that were not met.  Sometimes we risk our happiness on one or more situations that are totally out of our control.  Perhaps we think that if someone else will change their behaviours, we will be happy.  Or if we pass that exam.  Or if we won the lottery!  Well, life doesn't work that way.  People change their behaviours...

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