Meet Linda..

Linda Hancock was born and raised in the prairie town of Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada. Following high school graduation, she worked in various administrative positions and was an extremely active mother of three children.
Linda earned degrees in Arts, Social Work, Education and Psychology to the Doctoral level. (As she says, she had to spend her time and money on something, because she doesn’t golf!)

As a Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker, Dr. Hancock helps individuals, groups, organizations and communities to problem-solve and reach their potential. She is a trained mediator who has worked as a Child Welfare Case Manger and Investigator, Mental Health Consultant, and educator teaching in college and university settings. Her professional career has spanned the fields of justice, health and education.

Linda is a communicator. She speaks professionally, serves as a consultant for media personnel, and is also a published writer and newspaper columnist. She has given presentations at annual meetings, fundraising dinners, and community events for professionals, businesses, students and school personnel. She has also prepared and provided workshops for organizations and groups across North America and the Caribbean.

One of Linda’s most requested keynote addresses is “Life is an Adventure…every step of the way” in which she combines her personal experiences, extensive work history and academic training into a hilarious but thought-provoking message. Its popularity has led to a book by the same name.

Throughout the years Linda has served as a volunteer on several local, provincial and national committees and boards. Linda is also a musician who treasures every moment that she can share with her grandchildren. In fact, she recently moved her private practice to Westman Village in Calgary in order to be closer to a couple of them!

Even though Linda has served over 8,000 clients, she has a special place in her heart for Veterans and her caseload now primarily consists of Canadian and British soldiers and Veterans. She particularly likes to help them with diagnosis, Disability Tax Credit applications and the other paperwork that they tend to avoid or dislike. 😊 In addition, Linda is a provider for the United States Veterans Evaluation Services which requires her review of military files, confirmation of diagnoses as well as the links to service.

In the spring of 2023, Linda expanded her business by becoming a member of the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists so can now work with clients in two provinces. Most of her contact with clients is through the secure JANE virtual software platform.

Most recently, Linda has been honoured to have been nominated for the Canadian Business Awards 2024.

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Registered Psychologist
College of Alberta Psychologists #2704

Registered Social Worker
Alberta College of Social Workers #3684

Registered Family Mediator
(Separation and Divorce Specialty)
Alberta Family Mediation Society

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist
International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals 
Registered Doctoral Psychologist
Saskatchewan College of Psychologists #1220