Join Jeff Jennings, an emerging life and addiction coach, as he delves into an enlightening conversation with Dr. Linda Hancock, a renowned psychologist and social worker. In this exclusive interview, we explore the multifaceted world of recovery, mental health, and personal growth. Dr. Hancock, with her extensive experience and insightful perspectives, alongside Jeff’s passion and dedication to coaching, provides a unique and enriching discussion that promises to inspire and educate.

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The season that suggests we should have joy, peace and love can often instead be filled with busyness, financial demands and feelings of being overwhelmed. Getting just the right gift and saying just the right thing is difficult enough without having to navigate all the fears and restrictions introduced by a pandemic. The speaker has worked with more than 8000 clients who asked her to help them problem solve. She is an expert at focusing on the things that keep everyone healthy and sane – especially in a world that now seems to be filled with insanity.




We here at the Lethbridge Herald have been privileged to have Dr. Linda Hancock grace our pages with her “All Psyched Up” column. These articles consistently provide advice rooted in just the right mix of the knowledge of a trained professional, along with the life experience and common sense wisdom of a person raised on the prairies that we call home. Week after week our readers are given strategies on how to approach challenges, urged toward self-improvement, and encouraged to look on the bright side of life. It is with that same optimism that we look forward to continuing this partnership that aligns with our own goal of bettering the community that our newspaper serves!


Ian Martens - Lethbridge Herald (Alberta, Canada)