Dr. Linda Hancock is a communicator! She serves as a consultant for media, writes columns for newspapers in two provinces and is awaiting the release of her newest book "Life is an Adventure". One of Linda's most requested keynote addresses is "Life is an Adventure" in which she combines her personal experiences, extensive work history and academic training into a hilarious but thought-provoking event!

Linda provides entertaining and informative keynote speeches and educational seminars which are customized specifically to meet your needs. Guaranteed!

After Dinner Keynote Addresses
Customized “roasts” or “put ons”
Mistress of Ceremonies
Call Linda to discuss your needs and wants.

She will design the “perfect” program for your group or organization

Life can be complex!

Each of us has several roles to fulfill each day and it doesn’t take long until the demands start wearing us down!

Dr. Linda is an expert at helping people to reach their potential.  She helps individuals, families, groups and organizations to identify the things that stop them from reaching their potential and then helps them to develop strategies to overcome them in a healthy and productive manner.

You see, you have to be well to do well and when you do well – everyone in your life benefits.

Yes, your life is complex – but Dr. Linda helps you to figure everything out so you can move from complex to simple!

Now isn’t that a refreshing thought!

Linda has a unique way of teaching life lessons that inspire me to change the way I live my life. She uses real life examples and adds her own special blend of humor to keep me laughing and learning at the same time. I love her practical and applicable approach to such an important subject. If you want to start living a better life today, buy this book now!

Robin Thompson, TRS/MS
Speaker, Trainer, Author,
President, Thompson Training & Keynote, Inc.

Linda has a gift for translating complex concepts into simple language that promotes understanding.  She has a global perspective and touches lives at a personal level.  In her coursework and as the keynote speaker for convocation, she demonstrated her passion for excellence and desire to improve our world – always with a delightful sense of humor.  We are proud of her accomplishments and look forward to hearing about her further adventures.

Caroll Ryan, PsyD
President and Chief Academic Officer
Southern California University for Professional Studies


Why would I want to hire Linda Hancock for my event?
Linda Hancock has been speaking for groups and organizations for decades. She has academic credentials and wealth of workplace and life experience as which she combines with wisdom, wit and professionalism.

Where does she fly from?
Linda lives in Medicine Hat Alberta Canada (a 40 minute flight from Calgary Alberta).

What are the room and equipment requirements?
Please discuss these with Linda when planning your event.

What unique opportunities do I have with this speaker?
Linda will work with you to design a presentation that perfectly matches your needs. She will give your group knowledge and follow up resources to help them meet their personal and career goals.

What are her fees?
Fees are arranged with each group based on the time commitment, location and materials required.

Celebrity Silhouette
“Beyond the Podium” Special Speaker

How fun to visit the Carribean Islands of:

Labadee, Haiti
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands
Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Saint Johns, Antigua and Barbuda
Saint Maarten (Phillipsburg), Netherlands Antilles

on a beautiful 12 day cruise where Roger Launius from the Smithsonian and I were the "Celebrities".  Roger talked about the astronauts and living in space while I talked about relationships and living on earth!