Get 'Er Done!

We are several weeks into the new year and I am wondering how you are doing with your resolutions... Hopefully you have written down the goals and are working towards them already. Sometimes, however, we procrastinate or fail to get started because we don't have a realistic plan. Keep it simple so you don't feel overwhelmed.

Here are a few tips to help you move forward.

Daily Living Tasks

  1. If you don't make a mess, you won't make to spend a lot of time cleaning up. Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.
  2. Make your appliances work for you. All you have to do is spend a few minutes loading and turning the machines on and they will make life easier.
  3. Put everything on a calendar that you can carry with you. This way you will not have to worry about double bookings and not forget about commitments that you have made.
  4. Choose healthy living. Make sure that each day has work, play, nutrition, exercise, friends, family and fun.
  5. Never walk anywhere without having something in your hands. Doing this means that you will save steps and accomplish more with the same effort.

One-time Projects

  1. Think of things that would make your life more efficient or meaningful. Cleaning a drawer, sorting photos, updating your address list, sorting tools or sporting equipment, making your office more efficient or creating a financial system can all save time in the long run with only a limited time investment.
  2. Choose one of these projects to do each week.
  3. Schedule a block of two hours each week for the project and mark it on your calendar. (Some will take less, and some may need more time or need to be completed in more than one week).
  4. Protect the time that you have committed to this project. Do not let other things interfere with the time you have scheduled.
  5. Begin. You might have to force yourself to start doing what you planned, but you will probably find that progress will build motivation.

Long-term goals

  1. Choose a specific goal and set a deadline date for completion.
  2. Do some research. Talk to people who have successfully reached the same or a similar goal. Do an internet search. Contact organizations that can teach you skills or help with the process.
  3. Break down tasks into smaller goals that can be accomplished each month.
  4. Do something every single day that will move you closer to your goal. For example, if you are wanting to write a book then you only have to finish one page a day to have a 365-page book at the end of one year.
  5. Have a plan to celebrate your successes along the way.
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