How Long Does It Take to Clean A Toilet?
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How Long Does It Take to Clean A Toilet?

When I ask this question, I get a very wide range of responses. Some people quickly state "A couple of minutes". Others, who obviously do not have a lot of experience with cleaning toilets, stare in silence.

My response is "It depends on when you start and on how many interruptions you have".

You see, there are many, many things in life that can be done fairly quickly if you just get started and not allow things to interrupt you during the process - like paying bills, taking the garbage out or organizing a closet. Once these things are done, life is a little easier, but so many people just never get started so they never enjoy the rewards that come with completion.

Years ago, I hired a life coach to help me begin my business. Each week she had me complete a form to prepare myself for our telephone session which would occur on Monday mornings. One of the things on the form was to list my "tolerations". These were the things that I was tolerating or putting up with that ultimately drained my energy.

Another question asked me to identify the toleration that I wanted to get rid of in the upcoming week. The third question involved listing the things that I had accomplished the previous week.

I was amazed at how this simple strategy allowed me to make ongoing progress when it came to freeing my life of the things that I had been tolerating. At the same time, it freed me to move forward with goals that otherwise might never have been reached.

Sometimes you might be facing larger projects than those mentioned, and they require more time and effort, but the process is the same. Whether you are planning to complete a university degree, paint the whole house or set up a new business system there are specific steps that will help you to get there.


  1. Decide what you need and want to accomplish. It is best to write this down on a piece of paper because that forces you to be clear.
  2. Set a realistic deadline for completion.
  3. Break the project into smaller pieces each of which can be easily accomplished during the next week.
  4. Block time on your calendar to work on the project.
  5. Tell others about your goals so that they will encourage you and not allow distractions to interfere with your progress.
  6. Do what you promised yourself that you would do - even if you don't feel like it at the time.
  7. Celebrate! Once you have worked through each of the steps in a week you will feel confidence and pride. Success breeds success! It will be easier to begin the next week knowing that you are closer to reaching the goal and that you can get there just by putting one foot in front of the other, one week at a time.


Follow this formula and it won't be long until your life will be organized, your goals met and your toilet will be sparkling clean!

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