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This week I was thinking about the importance of being active.

For my birthday, last August I purchased a new car.  There are only 1000 kilometers on it because I seldom leave my home environment as all my needs are met in the area.  Despite this, I was told by the car dealer that the oil needs to be changed every year even if the recommended mileage has not been clocked

It was funny, when the administrator was reviewing the work done after service.  She said, “Your brakes are like new”.  Yes, they are new!

So, this got me thinking about the fact that our bodies also need to have service and likely perform better when used.  When we put on more miles, we function better.

There are many fitness videos available on the internet, but I tend to focus on the ones that involve and encourage me walk more and here is why I do that:

  1. Cost – You don’t have to pay one penny to go for a walk. You don’t need equipment and can wear pretty much what you like.  I did purchase a step counter just so that I would have an accurate measure and a way to challenge myself to do more though.
  2. Availability – You can walk indoors or outdoors. My aunt Ethel used to amaze me when she would plan a walk to control her diabetes at 30 degrees below zero.  I was afraid that if she went outside, she might slip but was surprised when she set the timer on the stove and went through a pre-determined route inside her house.  She would walk through all the rooms, up and down stairs and always achieve her walking goal without a problem.
  3. Variety – Rather than going to the same gym or using the same equipment, you can choose where you would like to walk. Even driving to a park or alternate location will give you the chance to view different landscapes and interesting buildings.
  4. Spirituality – Being in nature can give you a feeling like nothing else. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy the changing seasons as you change your body and mind.  Feel the gentle breeze.  Listen to the birds.  Smell the foliage.  See the beauty!
  5. Physicality – We all know that the sun can provide us with Vitamin D. Walking has so many health benefits including losing, lowing blood sugar, strengthening the heart, easing joint pain, boosting immunity and energy, toning muscles and building stamina.  Your sleep also improves when you are a “good tired”.
  6. Mental Functioning – Endorphins, which are natural pain killers and mood boosters, lie dormant until you move. Start walking and they will wake up!  Walking also takes you away from stresses in your everyday life, helps you to clear you head and encourages you to become more creative.
  7. Social Expansion – It is fun to meet new people and often they are just as eager as you are to chat for a few minutes. Just notice their dog or offer a compliment (a genuine one) and you will not only learn interesting things but may even develop a new friendship!

The science of psychology focusses on how a person thinks, feels and acts.  When we start with our feelings, we will likely never be motivated but when we start with our thoughts and actions, our feelings improve.

Now we have thought about walking.  Time to take action! (Go right now and don’t give your mind a chance to think up an excuse to not do so).

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