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A Message of Hope

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In the 1982 musical “Annie” the star of the show sang a very positive song that started with the following words:  The sun will come outTomorrowBet your bottom dollar that tomorrowThere’ll be sun.Now that’s faith that offers hope to listeners! During the past two years it seems that some people have forgotten that message.  They have been so imprisoned by fear and confusion that they’ve lost their perspective.  Mixed messages combined with inconsistent and changing restrictions have led to questions about who to trust and what to do. It’s been a tough time for everyone.  Some have faced illness, death...

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Attitude - I Am So Thankful

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This morning I woke up! I wasn't in a coma - or a hospital. I walked to the bathroom and everything worked! I didn't need kidney dialysis or a colostomy or medication. I was able to shower and dress myself - without assistance. Clean hot water, nice smelling shampoo, plush towels and several wardrobe choices. I made my own breakfast from nutritious foods in a well-stocked fridge and pantry. Didn't have to worry about spoilage, allergies or negative body reactions. The television, internet and electricity worked without question. No blackouts or disconnections. The sun shone through my condo window and...

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Winter Snowstorms - Looking Through the Negatives to Find the Positives

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Winter can immobilize us! When flights are cancelled because and streets are blocked because of snowbanks, it doesn't matter what is booked on the calendar. We are forced to stay where we are and cancel plans. Over the past few weeks, North America seems to be facing storms and weather patterns that are stronger than in recent history. We view news stories that feature stranded passengers who are camping out in airports waiting for re-booked flights. Scenes of individuals shoveling huge banks of snow or spinning in vehicles as they lose control over icy streets are common. Avalanches bury those...

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