Attitude - I Am So Thankful
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Attitude - I Am So Thankful

This morning I woke up! I wasn't in a coma - or a hospital.

I walked to the bathroom and everything worked! I didn't need kidney dialysis or a colostomy or medication. I was able to shower and dress myself - without assistance. Clean hot water, nice smelling shampoo, plush towels and several wardrobe choices.

I made my own breakfast from nutritious foods in a well-stocked fridge and pantry. Didn't have to worry about spoilage, allergies or negative body reactions.

The television, internet and electricity worked without question. No blackouts or disconnections.

The sun shone through my condo window and I took a minute to enjoy the view. The sky was clear - no pollution - and the grass was litter-free.

The elevator took me to underground parking where I jumped into the vehicle that I own. A full tank of gas and an excellent stereo were waiting for me. As I drove downtown, I enjoyed listening to music and valued the safety offered by streetlights and drivers who were honouring traffic rules.

There was lots of free parking in front of the newly renovated building where I have my office. As I entered, I shared a smile and nod with a friendly neighbouring employee as our morning greeting.

The telephone and email programs had captured messages and therefore prevented loss of information while I was unavailable to receive them as they arrived. There were cheques on the floor that the postal worker had earlier dropped through the mail slot. All I needed to do was make up the deposit slip for my business account.

My day was filled with interesting clients who showed respect and appreciation as we worked together doing problem-solving in this comfortable setting.

Life is amazingly good. I travel in freedom and live in peace. I have friends, family, and resources. Yes, I also face difficulties and challenges on a regular basis but never have to worry about war, tsunamis, malaria or political dictatorship.

Sometimes we focus on what we can't do or negative things that "might" happen instead of just thinking about all the wonderful things that we "can" do and the blessings we experience every day.

What is it that you are thankful for today? If you started making a list, I bet you would use a lot of paper!

(Oh, there we go many pens do you own? Add that to the list)!

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