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Love Is Not Enough - You Need More

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Some people live with the idea that it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Their impulsive choices bring chaos not only into their own environment but also for others who care about them. So often I witness sad situations involving the worldview that because you love someone you need to do whatever you can to make that person's life easier - even if they aren't willing to make good choices. The result is that you pay a price and the other person never has opportunity to learn because there just aren't any consequences for them. A friend of mine...

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The Important Things About Love

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Over the centuries many have tried to define and write about love. Some authors approach it from a spiritual perspective whereas others focus on the romantic aspects. Valentine's Day, of course, commercializes the idea of love and offers opportunities to express it with gift-giving. But love is more than a gift and much more complex. Most of us know that love should not be abusive yet many live in physically or emotionally harmful situations. Competition between partners can lead to divisiveness and stress but that doesn't stop some couples from always trying to do better than the other person. Those...

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What Is Love?

Dr. Linda Hancock 09. The Ninth Year iStock Relationships Relationships_Love

This week I was invited to participate in a public discussion on the topic "What is love?" We use the word "love" in so many different contexts. Some people state that they love ice cream or their new car or the arrival of spring. Sometimes we talk about loving concepts such as freedom or truth or justice. Or we use the word love to describe activities such as vacations, sports or walking the dog. Yes, we all talk about it. Poets and lyricists write about it. Deep down everyone craves it. But what really is love? Some define love as...

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The Love Story

Dr. Linda Hancock 08. The Eighth Year iStock Relationships Relationships_Love

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful mortal princess who was the youngest of three sisters. The people loved Princess Psyche so much that the Roman Goddess of Love named Venus became jealous and came up with a plan to harm her. She sent her son, Cupid, into the Princess' room when she was sleeping and gave him instructions to shoot her with an arrow so that when she awakened she would fall in love with a hideous creature that Venus has placed in her room. Things go wrong when the Princess awakens before the arrow is shot...

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not!

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I'm quite fascinated by the way that my grandchildren frequently adjust their statuses on Facebook from "In a Relationship" to "Single" and back again. It shows how quickly things can change. This week I couldn't help but smile when my twelve-year-old grandson clicked on "In a relationship" and wrote the following on his wall "Well I haven't asked her out in person. I just put it like this ahead of time". There is nothing like an optimist! Especially one that puts it out for the world to read before he asks the girl! We all hope that the one who...

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Looking for Love

Dr. Linda Hancock 06. The Sixth Year iStock Relationships Relationships_Love

There's an old song that states, "Love's more wonderful the second time around". Well, don't be too sure about that. There are many who enter a relationship after a spouse's death or divorce with stars in their eyes and the idea that this is going to be even better than the first time around and then are sorely disappointed. Still others end a marriage or partnership with the idea that anything would be better than the situation they were in. Then they are shocked when they realize that dating isn't the same as used to be and the old "rules"...

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