The Love Story
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The Love Story

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful mortal princess who was the youngest of three sisters. The people loved Princess Psyche so much that the Roman Goddess of Love named Venus became jealous and came up with a plan to harm her. She sent her son, Cupid, into the Princess' room when she was sleeping and gave him instructions to shoot her with an arrow so that when she awakened she would fall in love with a hideous creature that Venus has placed in her room.

Things go wrong when the Princess awakens before the arrow is shot and Cupid becomes so surprised that he actually shoots himself and falls in love with her.

Venus hears about the situation and in anger puts a curse on the Princess so that she cannot love. Cupid, as a result, refuses to shoot any other arrows and this prevents others from falling in love. The issue is resolved when Venus grants Cupid one demand and he chooses to have Psyche in exchange for a promise that he will restore love to the world by shooting his arrows.

The Latin word for love is Cupido. Paternity of the mischievous and clumsy little cherub is questionable. Some who believe in Roman mythology state that his father was Mars while those who support Greek mythology think his father might have been Ares, he god of war. Other theories suggest that Cupid is the son of Chaos and Earth.

Images of Cupid also vary considerably. He is usually depicted as a youth or chubby cherub dressed with a blindfold (love is blind) or in a diaper. He often is drawn with wings and usually has a bow and at least one set of arrows. Some artists give him two sets - gold for true love and leaden for sensual love or one set to induce love and the other to induce hate.

Now that you know the story about Cupid. Are you prepared to let this little mythical character with a questionable background, immature and rather reckless personality to be the one who determines your behaviours concerning those who you care about? I hope not.

The story of Cupid is based on myths. No one can make you fall in love or ensure that a honeymoon phase will last. Love is a choice and maintaining a relationship over a long period of time requires hard work.

Around Valentine's Day we are bombarded with the sight of little red Cupids shooting arrows and hearts. The marketing goal behind this is to convince us to convert emotional feelings of romance into purchases of flowers, candy and gifts.

Instead of getting wrapped up in the idea of having only one day a year to spend money in an attempt to show you care, why not make a commitment to show kindness and love on a daily basis all year long?

And if, around February 14th, you think that you have been magically struck by an arrow - be aware! You are likely just a victim of your own fantastical imagination!

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