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  • Why Do You Need a Psychologist?
    April 11, 2012 Dr. Linda Hancock

    Why Do You Need a Psychologist?

    This week, my older son asked me to take his eight-year old to my office for a tour and to explain to him about my work. Jordan entered my therapy room and I had him sit on one of the...

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  • Psychological Defense Mechanisms
    February 13, 2010 Dr. Linda Hancock

    Psychological Defense Mechanisms

    Sometimes coping with the reality of life can be overwhelming. A healthy person may use defenses to get through difficult times. Using them persistently, rigidly or for the wrong reason, however, can result in maladaptive behavior that can threaten physical...

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  • Good Health Requires Planning!
    February 13, 2010 Dr. Linda Hancock

    Good Health Requires Planning!

    Michelle Obama is taking on several projects that might not be expected from a First Lady. The first spring that she and her family were in the White House she planted a garden. Ms. Obama involved children from a nearby...

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  • The Psychology of Sports
    December 1, 2008 Dr. Linda Hancock

    The Psychology of Sports

    I'm not much of an athlete but I have been described by others as being "a good sport". That has more to do with my attitude than my ability. Over the past few decades, the combination of Psychology and sports...

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  • Perspective Helps to Turn Trouble into Good Choices
    August 9, 2006 Dr. Linda Hancock

    Perspective Helps to Turn Trouble into Good Choices

    Recently there have been a number of tragedies and horrible events that have traumatized individuals at national and international levels. September 11th is burned into the minds of all those old enough to have comprehended the implications. The hurricanes in...

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  • When I Grow Up
    June 15, 2006 Dr. Linda Hancock

    When I Grow Up

    Many times, I receive telephone calls from individuals or hear clients express the fact that they would like to become a psychologist and are interested in knowing what that involves. They are often horrified to hear that I have the...

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