Why Do You Need a Psychologist?

This week, my older son asked me to take his eight-year old to my office for a tour and to explain to him about my work. Jordan entered my therapy room and I had him sit on one of the love seats while I took my usual spot. Then I began a role-play and asked "Why did you come here? Do you have a problem that you would like me to help you with?" The beautiful thing was that the little boy thought for a couple of minutes and then indicated that he couldn't think of anything that was bothering him.

But it isn't that way with most people. In fact, even children can be facing difficult situations that stop them from reaching their potential. Some enter kindergarten and immediately are in trouble because they have problems getting to the bathroom on time or cry because they don't want to be away from their parents. Others might be lacking social skills.

Bullying is not age-specific and can cause problems in elementary, high school or even for adults in the workplace. Learning a few strategies and developing confidence can help to deal with this effectively.

Parenting can be difficult, especially if your child is hurting or going through a rebellious stage. Perhaps you and the child's other parent disagree about how to do the parenting, have blended family issues or don't know what to do about interfering in-laws who criticize your style.

Relationships problems can take many forms. How do you get a partner? What can you do with a difficult partner? How do you get rid of a partner? Can relationships be restored after an affair? What should you do about friends or family members who don't have boundaries or respect you? Are you frustrated with your boss or co-workers?

Are you or someone you care about drinking too much, using illegal drugs or jeopardizing your financial situation because of gambling? Perhaps you think that things are "ok" because this doesn't occur every day. Maybe you've lost perspective and need someone who is objective who can help you to assess things.

Many people face consequences from injury, abuse or suffer from physical or mental health illness. These can change your outlook, leave you feeling helpless and alone or interfere with your ability to sleep and function well. Maybe you have had a loss that you can't seem to deal with or have experienced a traumatic event that haunts you. Are you in trouble with the law? Going through a divorce? You can conquer fear and anxiety.

Do you have a dream for your life but don't know how to reach it successfully? Maybe you want to change careers, start a business or earn a university degree. Do you know the steps that will take you to the finish line? Perhaps you just want to improve your performance in sports, on the job, or in another arena. You might be surprised at how a couple of appointments with a professional can lead to desired self-improvement and motivation.

Some of my clients have told me that they want a life-long relationship with me as their psychologist. They want their friends to be their friends and their family to be their family but also want someone who can help them deal with issues as they arise over time. I might see them as a child, then as teen, for relationships as they mature, with parenting and family issues or for any number of things that show up over the years.

You see, psychologists offer you an objective and confidential place where you can be open, honest. They will give you information and wise support so that you will make healthy choices.

And the bonus is that most people either have insurance coverage to pay the fees or can use the cost as an Income Tax deduction.

So why are you struggling on your own? Perhaps you need to book an appointment today.

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