YOUR FAMILY - The Thing That Stops You from Building a Business
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YOUR FAMILY - The Thing That Stops You from Building a Business

Some people never start a business because they are worried about how they will be able to support them without a guaranteed bi-weekly cheque. As a result, they stay in unfulfilling jobs for years and years thinking that they are making the best choice. But, over time, that person can become bitter, resentful and depressed.

Frequently, the family members suffer because of the moods and behaviours they witness, but never really understand that the person is unhappy because they feel "trapped".

Most family members want the ones who they love to be healthy and happy. In fact, they might encourage the individual to follow their dreams and start a business, only to be told that this is impossible.

Well, it's not impossible. In fact, millions of people not only start their own business venture but also invite their family members into partnership with them.

What are the things that you used to think about doing when you were a teenager? Check your yearbook to remind yourself of the goals and activities which captured your mind then.

If your best friends were asked, what would they say that you are especially good at doing? Would they call you a "people person", "a person who can fix anything", or "the most organized person" that they know?

What would your family say about your desire to be in business for yourself? Would they be supportive? Would they be surprised to think that you have been sacrificing for years because you thought it was best for them?

Perhaps there are extended family members who have vocalized their fear of private enterprise and, over the years, have been clear about the fact that they believe having security is vital. Well, "security" does not necessarily mean holding a job - especially considering the economic downturns that have led to high unemployment rates.

I'm not recommending that you quit your job today without having a plan and a foundation for your dreams. But I am suggesting that it is time to make that plan and develop a foundation so that you can reach your dreams over time.

Perhaps you will find that instead of holding a job for the sake of your family you would do better by owning and operating a business for your family.

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