Why Do Clients Show Up At Your Business When the Weather Is Horrible?

I have noticed a pattern that is very interesting and somewhat strange. When the weather is really good, I seem to have a lot of people who cancel their appointments or don't show up without notifying me. On the other hand, when the weather is horrible, everyone appears!

Psychologically this, at first, doesn't seem to make any sense at all. You would think that when there are snow drifts that have piled up and ruts on the roads accompanied by thirty below temperatures, that individuals would prefer to just hunker down in their homes with a warm beverage and a good book.

I have wondered why this situation occurs and have come up with a theory - although there is no empirical evidence that would substantiate it. I think that when the weather is bad, people are more upset about their situation and have few options for dealing with this. They cannot go to the lake or a park. It is too cold for a walk and they are tired of being at home. They figure that they might as well go to their appointments and at least deal with the issues that have been haunting them.

Then, when the weather improves, they get so tied up in their thoughts about activities that they can enjoy outdoors that they either forget that they have an appointment scheduled or just choose to cancel it so that they can take advantage of the sunshine and great outdoors.

So, while other businesses might take a winter storm as a sign to book their Caribbean vacation or work on their inventory, I view it as a busy season when I will need to be available to see clients who want to see me.

Yes, there are days that I look out the window and truly wish that I could be the one to grab a warm beverage and a good book while spending the day indoors. I don't really want to dress warmly and know that my car will be parked outdoors in freezing temperatures but I also know that being in business means that you are there to serve the needs of the client. You need to be wise.

So, rather than letting my attitude be negatively affected I just give thanks that I have a busy season and grab my winter coat knowing that it's going to be a busy day! (Remember, soon it will be spring and I will have more breaks. In fact I will also be able to enjoy time off in the sunshine!)

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