What's Going On?
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What's Going On?

A few years ago, I had the thrill of visiting Washington, D.C.   A “Hop-on-hop off” tram took me around the city while the driver served as tour guide.   What a thrill to see the places that I had only viewed previously on television.   I went to Congress, the Ford Theatre (where President Lincoln was shot), the Lincoln Memorial and stood in front of the White House.

This month I have been horrified to see over 65,000 troops enter the District of Columbia and erect fencing topped with razor wire all around it.

The District of Columbia is not a state. In fact, it is similar to a foreign country that is surrounded by states.   The city of Washington and the District of Columbia were named after George Washington and Christopher Columbus when they were formed in 1790 to be the site for a federal government.   The state of Maryland and the commonwealth of Virginia each ceded parcels of land towards the project which is now only ten square miles in size

Now I am Canadian and definitely don’t take sides when it comes to American politics but having been a visitor has brought me to a point of pondering about the situation in D.C.   Medicine Hat is approximately the same size as the District of Columbia (ten square miles).   I wonder what we would be feeling if even 20,000 troops moved in with fencing and razor wire.   Would we be afraid?   Would we worry about the future?   I think so.

Reports claim that 6,700 troops will be posted permanently in D.C.   There is no end date for the fencing.   The Democrats have been endeavoring to impeach President Trump for inciting the breach of Congress on January 6, 2021.   I am wondering where the security was on that date for when I travelling to D.C. there was police everywhere and there didn’t seem to be any way for individuals to enter let alone spend almost an hour without being evicted.

The trouble didn’t start with Trump and unfortunately it hasn’t stopped now that he has disappeared (and is silent).   Homes and businesses have been burned, statutes taken down and lives lost.   I wish the words of Joe Biden were honoured as he stated that he wants peace and unity.   But it isn’t happening!

Do you remember the words to a popular song of the 1990s: “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem in the world?   Do you have peace in your heart or hate?

Right now, the major problems seem to be south of the border but I sure don’t want Medicine Hat to be invaded by troops or surrounded by fencing.   It’s hard to clean up the world when your bedroom is a mess.

Something to think about!

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