What Your Teenage Grandchildren Love to Do
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What Your Teenage Grandchildren Love to Do

Sometimes grandparents state that they don't understand teenagers.  Today I have been with my 14-year-old grandson and he has helped me understand what he enjoys.

Here are the things that Alexander enjoys:

  1. Xbox - This is a game system which is self-contained.  He can lose all sense of time with this.
  2. Movies - He prefers comedy, action, adventure but not romance.
  3. Cooking - His favourite thing is to be able to eat it when it is done.  He likes making up new recipes.  Today I watched him eat an open-faced toasted peanut butter and honey and banana sandwich.
  4. Skiing - The family lives a few miles from the mountains and Alexander therefore has opportunity to enjoy downhill skiing.  He rents the equipment.
  5. Swimming - They have an above-ground pool in the backyard and a hot tub.  Alexander has taken swimming lessons to level 8.
  6. Girls - He enjoys looking at girls, talking to them in person or through the internet.
  7. Facebook - Alexander likes to post different profile pictures, talk to friends, and use applications such as games.
  8. Music - He took hip hop dance lessons and enjoys rap artists.
  9. Drums - Alexander plays drums in the jazz band at school.  Half of his bedroom is filled with a full set of drums.
  10. Family - He states that he loves spending time with his parents and younger brother and grandparents.  Together they do many different things such as play board games, watch movies, talk, and write articles for this website. 

Preparing this article was enjoyable.  Perhaps you could do the same with your teenage grandchild and get to know him or her better.

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