What Show Are You Living?
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What Show Are You Living?

Everyone wants life to be as home-spun as "Little House on the Prairies" with a budget as large as that on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". We crave the glamour shown in episodes of "The Bachelor" and the excitement of "The Price is Right".

Over the years I have had children tell me they wished their family were like the Cosbys and parents who stated they wanted the skills of "Super Nanny". Some people desire the ability to cook like chefs from the Food Channel and to host like Martha Stewart. Many state that they would like to look like Ms. Universe, sing like Canadian Idol and entertain like those on the Comedy Channel. Some dream about having a home makeover, extreme makeover or "'Til Debt Do Us Part" financial makeover. "Jeopardy" reminds us that we aren't as intelligent as we might choose to be, and the Sports Channel throws our athletic abilities into perspective. Dr. Phil forces us to think that our weight problems are a "choice" while Oprah's gifts make our own seem rather insignificant.

David Letterman and Jay Leno feature the famous. PBS highlights art, music, and drama genius. Discovery Channel honours the brave and adventurous. Mr. Rogers makes it seem almost too simple and CSI almost too complex. What show are you living? If it is "Cops" you are in trouble. Those who can relate their lives to CNN probably need a lot of therapy to deal with their problems. Is your life like "Hour of Power" with Rev. Robert Schuller or like WWF wrestling? Can you relate to any of the characters in the soap operas or do you feel more like a bull rider on a rodeo circuit? Think about your life this week and what television show best represents it. If you don't like the setting, plot, or script perhaps you need to change the channel. Remember, you are the one who holds the remote control!

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