What Or Who Do You Trust?

Lately I have heard people state that we are in "troubled times". Stock markets have tumbled as companies with decades of stability face financial disaster. The mortgage meltdown, rising gas prices and unemployment have resulted in many North Americans declaring personal bankruptcy. Seems that you just can't trust the economy.

Cancer and heart problems lead an ever-growing list of illnesses that plague societies. Every year we hear about new dilemmas such as West Nile Virus, fibromyalgia or HIV which were unknown to our grandparents. Some diseases are prevalent but without cures. Those with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson's disease, for example, suffer while physicians attempt to merely treat symptoms and manage pain. There are no guarantees that we will be spared from illness.

Every day the media reminds us that we are surrounded by crime. People kill their children and then pretend they just "disappeared". College campuses become scenes of horror when gunmen shoot randomly. Terrorists sacrifice their own lives by becoming human bombs. It seems that we cannot trust that society will be safe for us.

Weather patterns appear to be changing and we are now inundated with warnings about global warming, pollution and environmental deterioration. Our news reports are filled with stories of devastation left by hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. We cannot control the weather!

Contaminated meat, toxins found in foods and lead in children's toys cause us to fear everyday items such as peppers, hamburger and dolls. Even our animals are in jeopardy because of the fillers that have poisoned dog food. We wonder if we should trust production or manufacturing processes.

Instead of enjoying the security offered by one employer throughout our career, we live in a cut-throat world that involves competition, downsizing and termination. Many individuals work for years without being able to gain benefits or full-time status in their jobs. Employment cannot be fully trusted.

Friendships end, assets depreciate and the body ages.

What or who can you trust?

Many of my clients claim that they found the answer to this question in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Others state human relationships or knowledge as their strength.

The important thing to consider is that we all need to trust something or someone which is proven to be trustworthy over time. I encourage you to choose wisely.

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