What Makes Canada Unique?

It doesn't seem to matter where you go in the world, Canadians are welcomed. We somehow have developed a reputation as being kind, safe, friendly and helpful. But, unfortunately, not many people even in Canada understand how truly blessed we are to live in this unique country.

Canada is:


  1. Large - There are over 3.85 million square miles to visit. We have ten provinces and three territories with three sides that are bordered by water.
  2. Beautiful - It doesn't matter whether you like forests, lakes, plains or ice - we've got it all! From the large cities to the isolated country areas, we can enjoy creations of both God and man.
  3. Multi-lingual - We are officially a bilingual country (English and French) with a plethora of many other languages and dialects.
  4. Multi-cultural - Canada is a dream for people who wish to immigrate here. They bring their dance, music, beliefs, and traditions with them and this helped to form the melting pot of diversity that we treasure.
  5. Democratic - All eligible citizens can vote, without unethical pressure, for our leadership in municipal, provincial and federal governments.
  6. Growing - Our population, knowledge and infrastructure have expanded over the years and we are respected worldwide for the way that we invest in the growth of global projects.
  7. Peaceful - We have developed a trained military but fortunately do not have significant conflict on our soil and have little fear of having a war occur in our country.
  8. Kind - We are known for sharing with others. We send food, supplies and professionals to countries who need help and welcome other countries to visit us.
  9. Innovative - Our country is proud of ways that we have contributed to science, health and technology.
  10. Creative - Many, many actors, musicians, dancers, writers and artists were born in Canada and have inspired the world with their work.
  11. Adventurous - Our people have many opportunities to experience the diversity of our own country but also enjoy visiting and learning from travel throughout the world.
  12. Proud - We have a healthy pride that is not arrogant but thankful. We appreciate our wonderful home and are pleased to tell others about it.


What can you add to this list?

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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