What is Stupid?
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What is Stupid?

I came across a quote the other day that caused me to laugh right out loud

John Wayne nicknamed “the Duke” was a rough and tough character who was often seen in cowboy and war roles during what was known as the “Golden Age” of films.  I have heard several interviews in which he used simple common-sense concepts to communicate with his audience.  The quote that I found this week states:

 “Life is hard; it’s even harder when you’re stupid”.  How true!

Now I don’t think the word “stupid” is referring to one’s IQ but instead to foolish choices that we make throughout life. Usually these are choices that we can predict will lead to negative consequences if we just take the time to think before acting.

Sometimes immaturity prevents us from seeing upcoming trouble.  Sometimes we just ignore the facts.   And sometimes we know the end result won’t be good but want the immediate thrill or rush that we can enjoy before things start crashing down.

Life is hard and it can be quite boring but trying to make it more exciting can led to long-term pain.   Following is a list of things that can be handled in either wise or stupid ways:

  1. Health – If you don’t look after your mind and body, you will begin breaking down.  Take a minute to think about your vehicle.  What would happen if you just put sugar in the gas tank and then drove at 150 kilometers per hour?  It wouldn’t take long until your reliable vehicle isn’t reliable anymore   It is the same principle for your health.   Eating nutritionally, getting enough sleep and exercise while reducing your stress are good practices that promote reliability.
  2. Finances – “Spend less than you earn” was a concept that I was taught as a child. Now considering inflation and the costs of large investments such as a house this might not even seem possible.  So, another wise practice is to ask yourself “Is this a need or a want?” before you make a purchase.   Often, we are like crows that are attracted to shiny objects that we really don’t need but go after them anyway.  I know many people who have large incomes but live in financial recklessness that puts them just one step away from bankruptcy.  On the other hand, I know families who have had very limited incomes but, through regular small choices have become financially strong.
  3. Relationships – Are you too busy to call your grandma who might not be around for your next attempt to reach her? Do you put off sending a simple text message to a good friend?  Is your marriage suffering from neglect?  It is interesting to note that difficult times often bring people together, but good times can leave gaps in the communications.

Did you notice that the three categories I have mentioned are affected by your personal choices?   It is up to you to improve or harm them.  You cannot delegate the work to someone else

I agree with John Wayne.   Life is hard but it is definitely harder when we are stupid.

Are there things in your life that you are making harder than they need to be?

What are you going to work on this week?

Choose to be wise – not stupid – about things that you want to treasure for years to come.  It is all up to you!

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