What If We Didn't Have Drugs?

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Many individuals would lose their livelihood - like those who grow, package, transport and traffic them. The Court system and jails would likely be much emptier and less money would be needed for policing. Organizations such as MADD would be unnecessary.

We wouldn't lose millions of dollars and man hours a year because of addictions. People would have to socialize without a martini and cigar. Individuals who couldn't cope with their feelings would need to find other ways to "escape" or deal with their problems.

If we didn't have drugs schools wouldn't need drug dogs or "zero tolerance" policies. Parents would likely have fewer sleepless nights and teens would have less chance of destroying their brain cells.

Corporations and employers would save a great deal of money which is now being used for random drug testing, substance abuse assessment and treatment services.

We would not need to have provincial and national organizations that fund rehabilitation and education programs. There would be no AA, treatment centers or addictions programs. Colleges and universities wouldn't need to have programs to train professionals to work in this field.

Babies would never be born as cocaine addicts and people couldn't overdose. Hospitals would have smaller or no waiting lists. Sports heroes would not disappoint fans for using performance-enhancers.

If we didn't have drugs...

Often we view and talk about drugs as being destructive, costly and dangerous to society but, if we didn't have drugs we would also suffer in many ways.

Without drugs, we likely wouldn't live as long as we do. Those with illnesses such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and pneumonia would see their conditions worsen. We would be more vulnerable to illnesses such as flu, measles and tuberculosis. Depression, anxiety and other thought or mood disorders would be treated in an entirely different manner than through pharmacology. Pain from migraines, cancer, childbirth or injury would need to be endured rather than numbed.

If we didn't have drugs some people might be fatter, impotent, or sickly.

You see, there are two sides to every coin. Drugs in themselves are not "good" or "bad" - it's what we do with them that makes them so!

What would your life be like if we didn't have drugs?

Let's think about it for a minute. If we didn't have drugs....

Dr. Linda Hancock, the author of “Life is An Adventure…every step of the way” and “Open for Business Success” is a Registered Psychologist who has a private practice in Medicine Hat. She can be reached at 403-529-6877 or through email office@drlindahancock.com

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