What Do You Have to Give to Others?
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What Do You Have to Give to Others?

Funny how things change over time. Years ago, homes often had three or more generations living together. My grandparents were a powerful influence on my life.

Today we live in a world where people talk about how busy they are. Often traditions are ignored and holidays are interrupted by competing interests. We may live in situations where we don't see our family and don't know our neighbours very well. The result is loneliness and lack of sharing.

This week, think about what you can do to make the lives of others (and yourself) richer. Ancient scripture states that if you cast your bread upon the water it will come back to you. That means that when you give, you will receive. The trick is to give without expecting a reward.

What do you have to give?
1. Your skills - I invest in my grandchildren by teaching them things that I learned as a child. My granddaughter and I do crafts and sew together. Each morning I send my three older grandsons a text about a famous singer from the past and a YouTube attachment so that they can broaden their musical knowledge. All six know that I am here to help with homework or tell stories about our family history. Who and what could you teach? Do you have a family recipe to share? Would you be able to show someone how to refinish a piece of furniture or do renovations? Could you help someone learn to read or get organized? It doesn't have to be a family member. In fact, someone outside of the family may need and appreciate you more than you can imagine.

2. Your wisdom - Common sense isn't all that common anymore and it doesn't make sense to everyone. Perhaps you could work on a committee or tutor someone who is struggling. I am so thankful for the training and experiences that I have had so want to share these things in my writing and speaking adventures. How can you take the lessons that life has taught you and invest in the lives of others?

3. Your time - If you are lonely, just find someone who is lonely and you will have solved two problems. You won't have to go far to accomplish this. I was so sad when I would visit my sister in the nursing home and see the number of people who never had anyone come to see them. You can find lonely people anywhere and everywhere. Greet the person riding in the elevator with you. Smile at someone who passes you in the street. Write a note or make a phone call to the friend you haven't seen for a while.

4. Your encouragement - When did you last tell someone that you are proud of them or that you believe they can reach their goals? I remember years ago when I was working in a church in Saskatoon. At the end of every day the Administrator would walk around the office, shake hands with each of us and thank us for the work that we had done that day. He was the busiest person on staff but he always took the time to encourage and thank us.

The world needs you, your skills, your wisdom, your time and your encouragement! And you need to know that you have a purpose that is bigger than you might be thinking right now.

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