What Do You Do If Your Job is Suddenly Gone?
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What Do You Do If Your Job is Suddenly Gone?

We are living in a world that is suffering from economic problems and this affects all aspects of our lives. Unemployment rates are rising, and no one seems to be protected from layoffs and terminations even when they have given loyal service to their employers for many years. This article offers suggestions for dealing with the loss in a healthy manner.

If you have recently lost your job, focus on a plan that includes the following steps:

  1. DON'T PANIC: This is NOT the end of the world. You need to keep things in perspective.
  2. CONSIDER YOUR OPTIONS: Many individuals turn a layoff situation from a horrible experience into a gift by recognizing the fact that they are now free to pursue a career situation that they otherwise discounted. Perhaps you will consider starting a business, working in another company, or retraining in another field.
  3. REVIEW YOUR STRENGTHS- Take an inventory of the skills, knowledge, abilities, and experience which you have gained and write a detailed list of these attributes. Then give thanks for them.
  4. BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR WEAK AREAS - Consider the things that you might feel would have enhanced your career in the past. Think about how you can learn about or develop yourself in these areas.
  5. PREPARE AN UPDATED RESUME- Research the best ways to present yourself by consulting with government agencies, public libraries, or the internet. There shouldn't be any cost for this.
  6. NETWORK -Most people find work because they were referred or knew someone in a company. Word of mouth is often better than merely answering advertisements.
  7. PRACTICE SELF-CARE - Eat nutritionally, exercise, get plenty of rest and remember to laugh.
  8. TAKE CARE OF YOUR APPEARANCE - You feel better about yourself and present well if you are practicing good hygiene, dressing attractively, and ensuring that your hair is cut and styled neatly.
  9. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE - You are not retied or on holidays. Your job is to get a job. Often volunteering will lead to an offer and, will enhance your resume while you support a charity with your time.
  10. STAY POSITIVE - Read or listen to something inspiring every day. Ensure that your self-talk is focussed on what you can do. Seek the help of a therapist if you need help in coping and staying emotionally healthy.

Being out of work can be difficult - especially if you did not have any warning that this would occur. You can, however, turn the burden into a blessing if you are creative and willing to work hard at developing a new career option. Through it all, your attitude can make a huge difference in both your well-being and your prospects.

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