What Could You Accomplish This Year?
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What Could You Accomplish This Year?

At the beginning of each year may people make resolutions - promises to themselves that they will adopt positive changes but by the middle of February many are either forgotten or ignored. Perhaps this is because the change was too large and felt overwhelming or the person didn't break it down into small achievable steps. Maybe old habits were stronger than the desire to change.

If you truly want to make significant changes in your life, you have to begin my setting a clear goal that is measurable and achievable. Imagine how much you could accomplish in the future.

In a year you could complete a College certificate program, learn another language, reach a healthy weight, start a business, become fairly adept at playing a musical instrument or become parent to a new baby

In a month you could raise a significant amount of money for a charity, build a new garage, organize all your photographs, lay a good foundation for a new relationship, write the first draft of a book, or complete a substance abuse program.

In a week you could tour a small country, learn to ski fairly well, do significantly valued volunteer work, help a child improve his/her school marks, recover from the flu, complete all your neglected paperwork, learn to drive and get a license or complete the harvest.

In one day you could clean your whole house, run a marathon, prepare several meals for the deepfreeze, paint your deck, write a business plan, serve as parent-teacher helper, do your Income Tax, take a First Aid course or enjoy an outing with your family

In one hour you could a letter to a friend, have your teeth checked, plant a flower box, prepare a nutritious meal, visit someone in the hospital, complete a healthy workout, balance your chequebook, or enjoy a massage.

In one minute you could empty the dishwasher, choose an inspirational song to play, smile and encourage a stranger, pray or write down a goal for 2014.

Once you have set your goals, you will need to take action. There is a good expression that claims "A goal is a dream with a deadline". Decide when you want to complete the goal and then work backwards from that date setting small, achievable goals that will lead you to the success you deserve.

A couple of years ago I was in South Carolina and met Pat Williams of Orlando Magic fame. He has written 56 books and when asked how he did it, Pat explained that he just wrote a few pages every morning. Most books are less than 365 pages so even one page a day will result in a book a year. It is rather simple when you look at everything in small pieces.

This year, instead of wishing and hoping and feeling regrets, try setting a goal or goals that you can and will reach. And then begin. Remember, it only takes one minute to make a decision! And in the next minute you can begin. Just two minutes and you are on your way!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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