Volunteering Can Change Your Life, the Life of Others and the World
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Volunteering Can Change Your Life, the Life of Others and the World

I remember hearing about a gentleman who was approached by his community to give money for a project. His reply was that he didn't have the money. A short time later, the gentleman came into a fortune and was again asked to contribute. His reply was "Before I didn't have the money and now I don't have the heart".

Volunteering requires heart! Each of us is blessed with a limited number of days and months and years in our lives. Volunteering requires that we share some of those precious moments with others.

It is not dependent upon age or socioeconomic status or location or family lineage or colour or denomination - but it does depend on heart!

Like the old song says "You've gotta have heart".

Everyone loved my mother. She had what they call a "good heart". She was someone who could make fun and get things done at the same time. She had a wonderful ability to convince people to do work and then thank her for asking them to be involved!

Twenty-five years ago, I heard a motivational speaker named Zig Ziglar and was extremely impressed with his message. This fall I learned that he was planning to celebrate the 51st anniversary of his 29th birthday and so I booked a flight to Texas and went to the party!

Zig, at 80 years of age, states that he believes his best years are still ahead of him. His motto has always been "Find a need and fill it".

You don't have to go to another country...

My friend Emily came to Canada for Scotland a few short years ago. She lives in the same condo unit as I live in. Emily states that she is so thankful for her life but was sad because her health prevented her from doing a lot of things for others. Another wise lady told her that she was already giving back because she sits in the main foyer and makes a point of speaking to everyone as they come and go.

I have watched the thrill that Emily has as she gives a smile and words of encouragement to others but I have also seen the reaction from the recipients. Emily has heart and she shares it with others!

What is your most precious gift? I wish that I could speak with every one of you tonight and learn about your heart and how you share it with others.

You see, when you volunteer your business grows, your skills grow and the world is a better place.

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