Understanding Your Value and How to Market it - 30 Things to Consider for Your Website
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Understanding Your Value and How to Market it - 30 Things to Consider for Your Website

If you are planning to develop a website for your business, your will want to consider how you want that to be developed. There are at least thirty things to consider before you even contact a web designer.

  1. Colour - Besides considering your favourite colour, you might want to do research about the psychological effects that colour has on individuals. Also, the colour you choose will likely be used on other marketing materials, forms and products in order to brand your business.
  2. Logo or Business Symbols - These can also be part of the branding and should therefore be used in every way possible.
  3. Business name - Ensure that there is consistency in how you display your name - with words, punctuation and font.
  4. Business address - You might want to have a map beside the address to help the client find your office. Include all information including the postal or zip code for those who wish to mail cheques and information to you.
  5. Telephone numbers - Include the area code for all numbers that you plan to use. It is easier to just give one number that has voice mail and then check it often rather than having two or more numbers.
  6. Other websites or blog addresses - You might want to use the symbol for other sites such as the "F" widget for Facebook. Each site usually has an application that allows you to put a symbol on your site. When viewers click on the symbol they are taken directly to the other location.
  7. Your Photo - This allows the client to see you and form a connection before you even meet each other. Ensure that you are smiling and look friendly! Put your name and academic designations under the picture to show your credibility and allow the client to connect you with your expertise.
  8. A Biography - Viewers will appreciate being able to read a short but comprehensive biography that outlines your background and credentials.
  9. Your Education - Include all of your academic and workshop achievements.
  10. Your Experience - You can use bullets or a point-form style but do include everything that will help the viewer to know you better.
  11. Affiliations - This listing will include organizations where you have served or where you hold a current membership. It will reflect your values.
  12. Publications - These are the articles, projects or products that you have completed and will again demonstrate your expertise in specific areas.
  13. Services Offered - Be very clear about the types of services which you offer such as assessment, treatment, mediation or hypnosis.
  14. Speaking and/or Training - You can outline topics which you are prepared to offer or describe topics you have offered in the past.
  15. Links - You may want to set up a listing of your professional organizations or websites that offer important information for the viewer.
  16. Achievements - Perhaps a page for specific awards or experiences of pride could be included.
  17. Referral Information - State the types of referrals you accept and give directions regarding how they should be prepared and communicated to you.
  18. Fee Schedule
  19. Insurance or EAP payments - Provide instructions for accessing programs that will help to pay fees.
  20. Policies - Outline the way that appointments will be booked, the length of the sessions and the way that non-attendance with be handled.
  21. Contact information - Offer an email address for those who prefer computer over telephone.
  22. Articles or links to articles on specific topics
  23. Product Page - If you have items for sale.
  24. Audio links or downloads of information or recorded training sessions
  25. Video clips which can serve several purposes such as welcoming visitors to the website, educating them or developing rapport with them.
  26. Media Page - Include a Media Release, listing of radio, newspaper or television interviews completed and possibly links which would facilitate reading or listening to them.
  27. Forms that can be downloaded and completed by the client.
  28. Photos of your office building or significant events that will enhance your credibility or promote your services. You can also include high resolution photos which media could use in articles about you.
  29. A calendar showing your schedule or open business days.
  30. Unsolicited testimonials from individuals who praise or promote your services.

Remember, the more work that this entails for the designer, the more it will cost you. You might pay by the hour, the number of pages on the site or by a contracted rate. Preparing a website is just part of the wonderful adventure of having a business.

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