Turning Point

There in times in life when significant changes occur and not everyone can figure out why that happened. Following are some of the reasons why people change:


  1. They "hit bottom" - This low is different for each person. No matter how dysfunctional their choices might appear to others, people do not change until life doesn't work for them anymore! When they get to the point that they can't stand the why things are going, they consider going another direction.
  2. They receive information that gives them good options that they didn't have previously. Someone might have had a dream to get an education but couldn't imagine quitting their job and moving to another location. Then they find out that they can continue to work at least part-time while studying in a certified online program.
  3. They had a role model who set an example and encouraged them to reach a similar goal. The fact that another person has already been successful and believes that others can do the same, is powerful!
  4. Time and Opportunity meet. Many for example, believe that Barack Obama would never have become the first black President in a different time. He apparently asked if he could wait and was told that he had to run when he did because the opportunity was ripe and might not be again in the near future,
  5. Hope shines through and drags people forward despite the barriers and distractions.
  6. All of the above - Many individuals believe that you need a little bit of everything mixed in the right portions.
Turning points can occur in a number of different ways most of which are positive. While one person begins enjoying better health another might find a better career. A business might see noticeable growth and a relationship improve communication styles.


I think that the major key, however, is that one must have an open mind towards change. There is no maintenance in life. You are either moving forward or moving backward.

If there is an area in your life that you do not like, the good news is that you have options. Tal with trusted family and friends in order to glean new ideas. Take responsibility for your own life and be prepared to invest time and energy now in order to enjoy rewards in the future.

Hopefully, even reading this article will help you to consider ways that you can launch yourself into making plans for your next positive turning point.

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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