Trick Yourself Into Doing Well
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Trick Yourself Into Doing Well

I find that unless I make a deliberate effort to do certain things, they just don’t get done.  It is far easier to distract myself and do something that is more “fun” instead.

For example, I love to have a clean house but don’t like cleaning. 

Years ago, I decided to hire a lady to clean in order to keep myself on track.  The night before she arrives, I put away the shoes that I have left by the door, recycle my pop cans, and change the sheets on the bed.  She can therefore focus on the cleaning and when I arrive home that night, everything is done and the place looks great.

Often I have thought about this and wonder what would happen if I didn’t have someone come to clean on a regular basis.  Would I have put the shoes away or done the other things?  Probably not.

I also put the newspapers and magazines in the bathroom and commit to reading at least a few pages with each trip there.  This way I am able to enjoy the subscriptions that I have purchased and avoid having what could be an overwhelming pile of reading materials.

Making a budget was always a frustrating process for me until I figured out how to trick myself into doing well.  Now I have set up transactions for all my payments and investments through automatic debits and then just spend the rest!  I never have to be concerned about missing anything because the plan is in place and everything is taken care of each month without effort.

What things do you have difficulty completing?

Why not write a list of them today and then figure out a way to trick yourself into doing well?

You will be so glad that you did this because once you have the plan in place it takes so much less effort to follow through.

And remember, it only takes three weeks to develop a good habit.

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