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Dr. Hancock has written a regular weekly column entitled “All Psyched Up” for newspapers in two Canadian provinces for more than a dozen years. Over the years, her readers and clients have said that they have benefited from her common-sense solutions, wisdom, and sense of humour. Dr. Linda Hancock, the author of “Life is An Adventure…every step of the way” and “Open for Business Success” is a Registered Psychologist who has a private practice in Medicine Hat. She can be reached at 403-529-6877 or through email


November 28 2022

All Psyched Up. | | Treasures | by Dr. Linda Hancock | Published November 28 2022 | Revised January 20 2024

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One of things that I frequently hear is how individuals have been unable to let go of their hurts and losses.  Troubles weigh them down and they lose both time and sleep because of worry.  Unfortunately, worry doesn’t solve anything.  It steals our mental health and motivation.

Throughout the years, I have noticed that people who change their focus are able to change their lives in a positive manner.  They take what they have and use it to gain control and joy.

You likely have a number of things that you have accumulated but not recently used.  This week instead of thinking about what you don’t have, let’s think about what you do have:

  1. Clothing – When was the last time that you actually cleaned your closet? Are there items that you purchased because you just loved them at the time but haven’t worn for a long time?  Perhaps it is time to follow that old saying “Use it or lose it”. 
  2. Jewelry – Why aren’t you wearing or sharing your nicest gems with others? Add a little class or sparkle to the day by just adding a tie clip or broach to your outfit.
  3. Games or Hobbies – It is time to think about the things that used to bring laughter and satisfaction into your life. Look on the shelves to find things that will rekindle some hidden passion.
  4. Music – The beat of a song can quickly change your mood. In fact, playing a tune from the past might even led to dancing!
  5. Food – How long could you eat out of your freezer and shelves if all the roads were blocked and the stores closed? Pretending this is happening can save you hundreds of dollars and reduce wastage.  Preparing interesting meals using only what you have on hand will also get your creative juices flowing.
  6. Money – If you have enough to pay for basic food, clothing and shelter, you are blessed. Having more than this might mean that you can bless others.
  7. Friends – I have been so thankful for the wonderful friends in my life over the years. The dictionary defines a friend as someone you know, like and trust.  Think about people who need a friend like you and start building new relationships.
  8. Surprises – Are you excited when you receive a gift, letter or unexpected favour? Remember, it usually feels even better to be the giver and not just a receiver.
  9. Tools – Everyone has items in the kitchen, recreation room or garage that were purchased with a purpose and are now being neglected. This is the week to take inventory and make a plan for what you will do with these things.
  10. Other – Focus on all the blessings in your life. Better yet, take out paper and pen so you can write a list.

So, now that you have started to think about the things that you have what will you do with them:

  1. Use them – Start enjoying those crystal glasses, the unopened book and snow skis.
  2. Gift them – Why keep everything hoping that the beneficiaries of your estate will appreciate them once you are gone? Downsize now. I love to pass on things that others can appreciate and enjoy right now.
  3. Recycle – Perhaps you can take something apart and make a new creation. Don’t head to the dump with items that others could use.  Think of organizations that you can support with your donations.  (By the way, most people find it easier to let go of things if they know where they are going and that they are needed by the recipient).

One of the best ways to feel good is to take action.  Do something

Instead of staring at the wall and thinking about what you have lost, look around and realize that you are surrounded with treasures!

Have fun this week, while counting your blessings.

All Psyched Up. | The Seventeenth Year | Treasures | by Dr. Linda Hancock | Published November 28 2022 | Revised January 20 2024

© 2022, Dr. Linda Hancock INC.