Too Much Play Can Hurt Your Business
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Too Much Play Can Hurt Your Business

Everyone likes to have fun and be able to focus on activities that are relaxing. But if you are spending so much time on the golf course or away from the office, you might have some serious regrets in the future.

Sometimes people in business become deceived about what truly builds the business. They think that entertaining potential customers with expense account "treats" is the best way to increase sales. As a result, plans are made to offer the prospect many fun opportunities that they might not otherwise be able to try. Invitations for fancy dinners in private clubs, regularly scheduled golf tournaments or even travel to resorts are all ways that company personnel have "rubbed elbows".

There are many disadvantages to this:

  1. Expectations - The person who is doing this with the hope that the entertained company will "open up their wallets" can result in many disappointments - especially if there is a change of staff and the new person isn't into doing business in this manner.
  2. Costs - It can be extremely expensive for a business to be paying for this luxurious lifestyle - not only for their own employees but also for the many customers who might be benefiting.
  3. Wrong focus - Trays of donuts and an unlimited bar tab will never make up for shoddy products or poor customer service. You are very deceived if you think that relationships will always trump excellence.
  4. Health risks - I know many individuals who got caught up in the socializing method of attracting business only to find that over time they became alcoholics. I remember my father talking about how everyone was surprised to learn that the elevator agent in our community was an alcoholic. Each person said, "I only ever saw him take one drink". (But when you are dealing with several people a day, it doesn't take long to begin establishing a problem).

When you are working in business it is important that you and the customer are able to expect the best of each other, focus on the products and services, invest in things that will improve the operation and stay healthy so that the business can continue for years and years into the future.

These goals usually cannot be met if you are spending most of your waking hours thinking about, planning and participating in "fun" with the hope of receiving sales in return.

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