Too Many Projects Can Hurt Your Business
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Too Many Projects Can Hurt Your Business

Many people have an unfinished book in the drawer or projects that have been left undone for several years. Perhaps the reason that they are in this state is that the person who started them just had too many things on the go at the same time.

Each of us has only 24 hours. It is amazing, however, to realize that some people seem to be able to achieve many accomplishments while others state that they are in a constant state of chaos.

Have you ever gone into the office of a lawyer or psychologist who, despite having beautiful filing cabinets, is surrounded by piles and piles of client files. They just never seem to get to a point where things are put away and the desk is cleared. Some of these individuals almost seem to be proud and I have wondered if they have convinced themselves that operating like this is efficient.

I don't get it. You see I get satisfaction out of completing things even if the process is difficult. There are times, for example, when I might have a report to write and end up staying at the office late in order to finish it. Despite the fatigue, there is a wonderful feeling of completion that I enjoy for having done the project. And it seems to go faster because the information needed for the report is fresh in my mind.

When I was editing my most recent book recently, I made a strong statement to my son one day "I hate that book". After I had made the declaration we both laughed. My son said "Then you must be done". You see often when we are very tired of doing something it is a sign that the project is in fact done. Nothing will ever be perfect and those who edit and edit and edit never do have a published book.

This is the case for many things. You are better to take one project, give it your very best and then move on.

Often the things that are bugging me are running around and around in my head. I decide to attack them by beginning with a list. Even though it felt like I had a thousand things to do, on paper there are usually only six or seven.

When I choose the one that has a firm deadline or is most important and push my life away to deal with it, I am amazed at how quickly it is done. Then I move to the next item.

The other day a client indicated that she had important papers all over the house and couldn't find things that she needs. I recommended that she go through the house, gather them all up and put them in the bathroom. Then I suggested that she commit to dealing with five sheets of paper every time she takes a bathroom break. She was so excited about this plan and I am confident that she will be free of this project when she arrives for her next appointment.

Pick and project and do something about it. Soon you will benefit from the feelings and results to the point that you adopt this pattern in all areas of your life.

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