Time Management - What Did You Do Before?
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Time Management - What Did You Do Before?

Many times, my clients tell me that they don't have time to develop relationships with others. When I ask them to identify the things that "steal" their time, they are often at a loss for words. Others indicate that they don't have time for themselves but just don't know "where the time goes".

This week I challenge you to consider what you did before:

  • Computers and email
    · Driving children to activities replaced walking
    · You took that new job
    · Cell phones
    · Your family purchased a "bigger" house
    · Emergency rooms were full
    · Fundraising was required to support schools
    · You started caring for a sick relative
    · Preparing your Income tax became so complex
    · 24 hour television
    · You could afford season tickets for events
    · Work shifts expanded to 12 hours
    · Video stores
    · The Children were born
    · You were elected to the Board
    · The credit card balances were so high
    · Family members lived in different cities
    · You raised your housekeeping standards
    · The family had more than one vehicle
    · Companies sent out so much reading material

We live in a world where there will always be needs to fill and demands on our time. Protecting time for self-care or relationship building takes deliberate effort.

Scheduling appointments with your partner or children not only ensures that you will have time together but also gives a strong message to the other person that they are important to you.

When I grew up, for example, we all knew that Saturday was "date night" for our parents. They ensured that despite their very busy lives, they would carve out a space to enjoy and grow their partnership.

Our behaviours tend to reflect our values. If a stranger came into your life and started observing your behaviours, what would that person learn about you?

Make sure the things and people you value most get priority status.

Oh, and don't forget to schedule in some time for you!

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