Time and Money
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Time and Money

I once heard a wise older man say "When it comes to time and money - you can't have both. You either have money and no time or time and no money". Well, if you are in your own business that can certainly be true.

Whenever I travel, I find that the time away from the office can be refreshing but, I don't have any income while I am gone. When I am at the office, I earn an income but don't have much time for myself.

Time and money are a lot alike. They are either working for you or against you.

For example, if you owe money to someone and don't pay it back right away - the interest will pile up rather quickly and you find that you owe significantly more than when you started. If you delay doing a project, the work can become more complex over time and your procrastination can cause more problems than if you had just done the thing in the first place.

On the other hand, saving a little at a time over a long period of time can result in wealth. Doing projects before the deadline can build your reputation and free your mind.

Everyone seems to want more time and more money in their lives. But not everyone is willing or able to develop a lifestyle that would welcome and accommodate both. That takes balance.

The well-known author Dr. Suess, in his children's book Oh, the Places You'll Go, states "Remember, Life's a great balancing act".

When it comes to time and money - you need both. That means you will have to design your life so that you work and play - every day!

Your bank account is a good way to measure your progress when it comes to work but measuring your physical and mental health can be a little more difficult task. Often, we wait until our health has deteriorated before realizing that we need to reduce stress and practice self-care.

Is your life in balance? Are you a workaholic - or playboy(girl)? Do you need to make some adjustments before you end up in trouble?

Psychologists are trained and experienced in helping people set and reach goals. Why not ask for help to ensure that you have that healthy balance.

(Oh, and the good news is - you can have both time and money - if you make the right choices).

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