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Three Tips for Making Grocery Shopping Easier
Article photo provided by: iStock Photos

Three Tips for Making Grocery Shopping Easier

My grandson is visiting and was surprised at how easy it was to purchase groceries the last couple of times that he was here.  Following are tips that will make the job fun and easy.

  1. Have a list - I always write my grocery list in groups.  For example, I have columns for each of the following - dairy, bakery, meat, produce, dry goods, paper products, beverages, deli etc.  This method helps you to save legwork and prevents you from forgetting to purchase something that you really need.
  2. Make shopping a fun adventure which guests can enjoy.  When my daughter's family came to visit, I wrote each group of items needed according to the layout of the grocery store and then handed a page to each person.  I suggested that this would be like a scavenger hunt and that we would see who won by gathering everything on his/her list in the least amount of time.  We still laugh at my sons-in-law retelling of how he thought he was in trouble as he couldn't find white napkins with purple designs right away!
  3. Buy a portable cart - I was recently told that you don't look really old until you get the kind that has a seat attached!  I love the idea that I always have my cart in the trunk of the car and can use it to free up my hands at the Farmer's Market or save trips up and down stairs when my shopping trip is over.

Shopping can be work but implementing these tips will lessen the load and provide a different perspective to what might be a less enjoyable task.

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