Think Like a Winner and Enjoy Success
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Think Like a Winner and Enjoy Success

When we first begin creating a wonderful dream, we feel excitement and hope. Time seems to fly by as we race towards the goal and everything comes together in an almost magical way. Others may try to dissuade us, but we just know in our hearts that we are on the right path and can hardly wait to get there.

Until we reach a stumbling block and don't know how to move forward! Delay can lead to disappointment and, if we continue to be "stuck", over time that temporary situation causes the dream to fade. And if we don't find the things we need to become "unstuck", eventually we just give up.

Sometimes we place our faith in different things that we think will help us to realize the dream:

  1. Information - We have been living in a world where information is easy to access. In fact, we are just one search engine away from knowing almost anything that we want to know. If information were the key to success, however, we wouldn't be living in a world where, so few succeed. It takes more than information to reach your dreams.
  2. Skills- If you are ambitious, you can learn any number of skills. You might want to be able to develop a whole new way of doing things or perhaps just want to tweak some of the things that you already know how to do but would like more efficiency or speed. Many people learn skills, however, and do not achieve their dreams.
  3. Abilities- There are thousands of people who have expertise in their specific field who never become successful or happy. Others may admire or even envy them but, because they have not achieved their dreams, they themselves do not feel happy or fulfilled and think they have not reached their potential.
  4. Mentoring- Most people do best when they have someone who will take them by the hand and help them to move from the place where they are through the steps that will lead them to the exact dreams that they have been treasuring. When they find someone, who is not only committed to getting results but also knows how to do that, they finally feel the confidence of knowing that they are on the right track and their dreams take on a new life.

You see, it is important to have a strong and clear dream but having a dream is not enough. Learning new skills and developing abilities are important but they aren't enough.

What will help you to achieve your dreams is to work together with someone who can take you one step at a time to the place that you want to be.

And when you do achieve the dream - you will be able to celebrate the accomplishments together!

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