Think Big
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Think Big

A few weeks ago, I received a lovely email from Jeff Jennings.  He explained that he was contacting me to see if I would agree to participate in an exclusive interview opportunity.  Jeff was hosting a Summit on Soulful Recovery with a focus on aiding men in their journey towards healing and stated that he expected an audience of over 100,000 individuals keen on personal and spiritual growth.


Because there are so many scams in the world now, I sent the email to my son who researched Jeff.  He advised me that there wasn’t a website for the Soulful Recovery, but Jeff was on Facebook and there were posts that indicated that he indeed is a recovering alcoholic.


On Monday Jeff and I met to finalize plans for our Friday interview.  He explained that he had a coach who encouraged him to “think big” and it was obvious from his communications with me that he was doing this.


In fact, it was during our Monday conversation that I realized Jeff was just at the very beginning of this new endeavor.  I was so impressed with the steps that he had taken and encourage you to consider how you might follow his example:

  1. It all began when Jeff got sober and maintained his sobriety for five years.  That wasn’t   easy but necessary in order to give credibility to his project.
  2. During his struggles he developed a strong passion to help others who were also plagued with addictions issues.
  3. Jeff sought help from someone who was willing to coach him.
  4. He then did a computer search asking for the top 100 addiction therapists in North America.
  5. Next, he sent our emails to those who were listed and prepared a Summit video introduction with the help of a support person.
  6. When I requested a list of interview questions, Jeff came through with them.
  7. Jeff also considered his limitations and found resources to help him.  For example, he went to the library to use their printer because he didn’t own one.
  8. Planning included our discussion about the format for the interview as well as the setting and background.
  9. Jeff recognized his assets. He learned how to record the interview and was both open and honest about his struggles which he shared at the end of our questions.
  10. Finally, Jeff uploaded the video to YouTube and so that the public could view it and sent me a copy for distribution.


I invite you to watch our exclusive interview entitled Unveiling the Journey of Recovery which can be found at


Better yet, I challenge you to think about something that you have been dreaming of doing but haven’t started yet.  Maybe this is the time and encouragement that you need to begin.


There is an old saying “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.  Jeff is well on his way and can be a good example for all of us!


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