The Woman I Was Born to Be - My Story

Before April 2009 few people had met or knew about the beautiful voice that Susan Boyle was to reveal to the world. For years, however, she had used music to deal with the emotional and relational problems that she was experiencing.

Susan was born as the ninth child in a Catholic family. Her mother was 45 years of age at the time and, because of her high-risk situation, doctors offered to end the pregnancy. Mrs. Boyle declined but when Susan was born, she had been starved of oxygen and has therefore suffered from learning disabilities ever since her birth.

School was difficult for Susan and she was bullied because of her different behaviours. Her siblings, who were much older, had life experiences that were unknown to their little sister. From the time of her birth, Susan was a screamer. The only really safe place that she would use as a repeat was her bedroom. There she would hang posters of her musical idols on the wall and sing popular music into a hairbrush that she pretended was a microphone.

One by one the siblings moved away from home and then Susan's father died. This left her alone with an aging mother and a cat. The siblings accused her mother of not expecting more out of Susan. She had seen many professionals and remembers hearing the word "borderline" but didn't know what it meant. She tried volunteer work. Her best state of mind, however, was found when she was signing and so she would regularly join others in karaoke or pubs where she could show her skills and receive appreciation from the crowd.

When Susan announced at Christmas that she was planning to compete in the Britain's Got Talent contest, her siblings tried to discourage her. It was a wonder that she was even able to do the audition considering the troubles she faced just physically getting to the right place.

"The Woman I Was Born to Be" is a beautiful story written in the simple but humourous voice of the author, Susan Boyle. She tells her story from birth to the present in an interesting and educational manner. The writing is supplemented by photos from her albums.

I loved this book! In fact, I read the whole thing in one day!

There is something in the stories that not only teaches the reader but also inspires us to reach for our dreams - no matter how impossible they may seem to be!

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