The Weathy Procrastinator

Some people wait until they feel it is "too late" to begin planning their financial lives. Henry Zimmer who is a marketer who decided to change his name to Cimmer so that his books would be at eye level on the shelves in stores, has written a delightful book designed to motivate those who have procrastinated with taking responsibility for their financial well-being.

The author has not only written other books about taxes, investments and finances, but also has practical experience as a Chartered Accountant. He has pursued various entrepreneurial endeavours including the co-founding of a publishing house.

"The Wealthy Procrastinator" is an interesting narrative that has lessons embedded in every chapter. Readers will learn about assets, liabilities, compound interest, mortgages, credit cards, budgeting, insurance and pension planning. In addition, Mr. Zimmer examines issues associated with preparing a will and estate planning for inheritances,

But there's more...Coping with job-loss, retirement tax implications and owning a business are also covered in this extensive manual which has a goal of leading the reader into a state of financial independence.

You will enjoy the Canadian perspective that is presented in a story-telling format with fictional characters who learn one lesson after another as they progress through the story. Charts, diagrams, worksheets, tables and news articles all supplement the learner process not just for those who are portrayed as the Alberta residents who star in the tale but also for everyone who can use the book as a delightful textbook.

If you are looking for a good read that will help you to develop a brighter future, this book is for you!

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