The Unexpected
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The Unexpected

So often difficult experiences happen to us that seem to not come with an explanation. We wonder “Why did this happen?” and more personally “Why did this happen to me?”


Well, there might very well be answers if we dig deep enough.  Here are a few suggestions:


  1. Negligence – It is easy to ignore the “shoulds” of life.  We know when to do regular maintenance on our vehicles but frequently put them off only to have issues that are then not covered by warranty.  Bills unpaid by the deadline result in interest penalties and lower credit ratings.  Putting “things” before people can lead to regrets.
  2. Natural disasters – None of us can prevent tsunamis, floods, or storms. Going on an anticipated ski holiday can end horribly when an avalanche occurs.  Our modern technology and media have not only allowed us to hear about death tolls due to weather occurrences but also to view them as they are happening.  We might not like it but admit that there are some things we just cannot control!
  3. Risky choices – There Is always a “dare devil” around who wants to take chances and test fake. Civilians who enter war zones or unfriendly territories despite warnings, for example, not only jeopardize their own safety but also those who are left to help rescue them.  Choosing risk for the sake of adrenalin rushes and excitement can bring negative consequences for more than the one who makes the poor choice.
  4. Faulty research – Many of us remember a time in the 1950s when thalidomide was prescribed for pregnant women who suffered from morning sickness. Unfortunately, even just one dose of it caused teratogenic effects and major human fetal abnormalities including skeletal deformities, absence of bones and limbs.  Many babies were born without arms or legs before science determined the link between cause and effect.  Sometimes what seems to be a solution to one problem creates other problems!
  5. Wear and tear – Our bodies, like machines, often wear down or wear out. Today I saw a sign in our condo elevator that indicated the high prevalence of injury for seniors who fall.  Limbs become weak with age.  Dizziness occurs.  Perception can be skewed.  And in the same manner, metal and wood wear down causing buildings and bridges to lose stability and collapse.
  6. Evil – Often I hear Christians state that God doesn’t cause harm, but he does allow it and that it is actually Satan who comes to kill, steal and destroy. Whether you believe this or not, I think most people understand that our world has a mix of both good and evil.  Prisons are full of people who committed crimes.  Bullying, racism, and abuse can be found without much searching.
  7. Poor leadership – I have noticed that civil infighting occurs in countries and organizations when there is a lack of or incompetent leadership. Sometimes those who are in positions of authority do not understand or care about how their actions will affect others.  Laws can become oppressive and policies too restrictive unless great thought and wisdom are implemented.
  8. Immaturity – I love the expression “Experience is something we wish was happening to the other guy”. Unless we face problems and learn to deal with them, we walk around acting like smart-assed wimps!   This week I spoke with an older wise friend.  After explaining about my escalator fall, he said “Unfortunately all lessons either cost us money or bring us pain”.  How true!
  9. Stupidity – How many times have you done something and then said to yourself “Well, that was stupid!”? Leaving your credit card at the cashier’s counter, putting the ice cream in a cupboard, trying to open your house lock with your vehicle’s remote control, going through the drive-through and home without stopping to pick up at the food window.  We’ve all done those silly non-thinking actions that resulted in embarrassment, time loss and negative consequences.
  10. The life cycle – Everything has a season and includes opposites. Day follows night.  Illness as well as health occur.  There is a time to be born and a time to die.  Strange how we know these things but then fight and reject them when they don’t match our plans.


Deep down we all hope for good times.  We want to be shielded from troubles. Healthy, wealthy and wise are good but not always achievable.


Remember, life is a series of choices.  We can laugh or we can cry but the key is to accept our circumstances with the idea that we will be stronger because of them!

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