The Psychology of Spring
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The Psychology of Spring

Take a deep breath! What you are inhaling is the beginning of a new season. There is a fresh smell in the air that we recognize from previous years. Our taste buds are teased by fumes from barbecues delights of those who are eager to move the cooking outside.

There is also expectancy for the vegetative growth of buds, trees and grasses that will soon appear in beautiful fragrances. The fresh air coaxes us into the outdoors where we can observe people who have donned spring coats and ventured outside to walk their dogs, ride bikes or begin the yard cleanup. Children have rummaged through storage to recover skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk and skateboards that had been given months of rest over the winter and drag them into the yard. We feel the breeze which has a tinge of winter's crispness as well as the warmth of a sun which appears earlier and remains later each day.

We hear the movement of the river which has been released from its frozen state and the sounds of the wind as it travels around the community drying streets and sidewalks. We also hear the sound of radios playing as individuals clean their cars. Birds sing and sprinklers rhythmically hiss as they rotate over brown lawns. Yes, it's spring. A time for expectations, new beginnings and the freedom of enjoying nature without the restrictions of boots, mitts, scarves and coats. It's a time for planning and planting. New beginnings. Smell, taste, feel, see and hear the promise of spring!

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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