The Power of Having Good Support in Your Life

I just got back from the golf course. No, I have not turned over a new leaf and decided to take up the sport. In fact, I had to use a map to find the place!

The reason that I chose to do this "not like Linda" activity is because I had arranged to meet with a fellow-columnist Trevor Moore. He is a golf pro and magician who, like me, has a wide range of interests outside of his normal career.

Over the years I have found that it is so important to have a group of friends, supports and other professionals who are of differing ages and backgrounds. This allows me to widen my experiences and broaden my perspectives on life.

Sometimes you want your family to be your family and your friends to be your friends, but the boundaries get watery and the next thing you know, you start repeating yourself and becoming boring. I NEVER want that to happen.

Arriving at the golf course was an interesting experience as I have never been at one in the city - or probably anywhere (other than for fine dining experiences). I wasn't sure where to park, what door to use to enter the clubhouse or where I could and couldn't wear my shoes. The pro shop offered a number of pieces of equipment that I had never used, and the clothing was a different type than I would find in the stores that I usually frequent.

But....when Trevor appeared, all that disappeared. He was kind, welcoming and offered me my favourite beverage to start (a diet coke). Then we sat on the deck and talked as though we had been friends for years.

It's good to expand your horizons and develop relationships with people! You learn about things you had never even thought about before! At the same time, you share the things that you have in common.

What a lovely experience! Who knows, maybe I might even take up golf some day!

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