The Couple's Guide to Love and Money

"The Couple's Guide to Love and Money" by Jonathan Rich, Ph.D. is an interesting self-help workbook published by New Harbinger Publications, Inc. The author states "first comes love and then comes .... money" and argues that money is the number one relationship problem. He then goes on to help couples learn money management techniques and discover creative methods for moving toward financial freedom.

Mr. Rich (appropriately named) is an author who provides numerous quizzes, exercises and strategies throughout which help partners to understand expectations, increase communications, set and review goals, negotiate "hot spots" and then discover ways to create a prosperous and satisfying life together.

The author challenges readers to examine their own thoughts and attitudes about money as well as gender differences. He also lays out an exercise in which each partner can determine their true financial personality of the four which he describes in detail.

The "Gambler" and the "Banker" dimensions have different perspectives about money based on their tolerance for risk. While the Gambler takes more chances with money, the Banker prefers to save and combining these personalities can therefore cause friction.

The "Monarch" personalities crave luxury whereas the "Spartans" "live simply" and emphasize discipline and self-denial.

Besides these personalities, Mr. Rich differentiates individuals on a dimension he calls "Pioneers" and "Homesteaders". "Pioneers", according to the author are old-fashioned, traditional independents whereas "Homesteaders" tend to not be in the workplace but instead would care for the family needs by remaining in the home.

This book clearly describes aspects of the psychology of money and also outlines money-growing strategies through financial planning. It is a very helpful tool for those who are serious about dealing with the issues that interfere with their marriage being a wonderful adventure.

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