Ten No Cost Options

At the beginning of each new year it is easy to set goals that have a big price-tag. But that doesn't have to be the case. In fact, planning expensive activities or shopping for material items can be the complete opposite of what is needed right now.

Here are some ideas that will help you to focus on things that will help bring more health and wealth into your life:
1. Vacation - A five star all-inclusive might not be your best choice. Perhaps taking a week off to stay at home and rest would be wiser! Many people book the big trip and come home exhausted and broke. If your home is comfortable, why not enjoy it? Or spend a couple of days making it more comfortable and then take the rest of the week to relax?
2. Exercise - History shows that gym memberships encourage commitment for January but by February participation drops significantly. Research also states that one of the very best forms of exercise you can do is to go for a walk three times a week. If you are worried about the slippery ground, why not head to a mall where you have lots of room to walk in an interesting environment. I was so impressed to watch my eighty year old aunt maintain her health by setting the clock on her stove and then walking briskly throughout her house during the dead of winter!
3. Food - Spending just $10.00 a day at a restaurant or drive through means that you are giving over $2000.00 a year away when you could have packed a nutritious lunch for far less. I find it interesting that parents will make lunches for the children to take to school but not make one for themselves. Investing a little extra time can provide you with a great saving and a better diet.
4. Clothing - If you sort and organize your closet and drawers, you likely will find things that you forgot you own. You probably don't need to go shopping! Just try on the items you have. If they don't fit or make you look dumpy, get rid of them. Make sure that everything else is clean, mended and visible so that you can save time getting dressed as well as money!
5. Family Activities - Rather than spending fifty to one hundred dollars for popcorn and a movie, set up a theatre night at home. Choose a day of skating at a community rink rather than an expensive ski holiday. A library card is less than the costs of one book and will give you access to newspapers, movies, music and programs as well as books for a whole year.
6. Social Interaction - Invite friends, family or neighbours to your house rather than only planning times to go out together. Board games, cards or a puzzle can provide lots of laughter at no cost.
7. Repairs - Over the past few years people have bought into the idea that things are disposable and need to be thrown away unless they are perfect. Sometimes a little mending will renew an outfit. Home renovations can be accomplished with a little know how. If you are willing to learn and invest some sweat equity, you can save a lot of money and enjoy a little healthy pride. Think like the teens of today who know that anything is possible with YouTube!
8. Personal Development - You don't need to enroll in Harvard University to become more knowledgeable. Start by reading a book or two. Learn a language from a neighbour. Build your resume by volunteering. Just decide what skills you would like to have and then consider the many options available.
9. Time Efficiency - Use your head not your feet. Never walk anywhere without having something in your hands. Use television commercials to do tasks and soon you will find that housework is done by the end of a movie. Organize your kitchen and your desk so that you can find things easily.
10. Rest - Bed should be for sleep and sex only - not for balancing your cheque book or worrying. Lunch and coffee breaks are important. Don't let anything steal them from you! Think about dogs and cats. They incorporate play and rest into every day.

If you are hoping that this year will bring you better health and increased wealth, just take a little time to consider the many little changes that will lead to success!

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From Dr. Linda Hancock, Registered Psychologist and Registered Social Worker

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