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Time Marches On

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When I was in high school in the 1960s, I was the newspaper correspondent for the Indian Head News.  I remember entering the news office for the first time and being quite impressed by all the equipment necessary for printing as well as the strong smell of ink.  My responsibilities were to report the “goings on” at the school for each weekly publication.  I was paid by the inch and so my columns were fairly long!  😊 After graduation, I moved away and have not lived in Indian Head since then. In 2006 I was appointed as the Medicine Hat...

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Job or Career Mindset? Building a Career

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Many individuals who are employed in jobs wish deep down that they had careers. It might seem a little confusing to consider that there really are differences between the two. defines the term career as "an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework." There are four specific things that will help you to move from a job to a career:   Education and ongoing training - Becoming a career professional usually begins with completing a college or university program in a specific area of study. Certificates can be achieved in a matter of weeks or months. Diplomas...

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Treasure the Professionals

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I just got back from an appointment with my ophthalmologist and was once again reminded of how important the professionals in my life are to me. So often we talk about the things that we value but how often do we think about all the people who help us to have a good day? What would you do without a good hairdresser or mechanic or accountant? Think of all the skills that you would have to learn in order to look great, ensure that your vehicle is running efficiently and feel confident that your Income Tax was done accurately. Many...

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Seeds of Greatness

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Everywhere we turn these days, we are facing bedding plants and thoughts of spring planting. When I grew up in Saskatchewan, the farmers would say that they had to get the crop in the ground by May 10th. Well, that date has changed a bit with the introduction of specialty crops and scientific advancements but the idea that May is the month for planting remains the same. In fact, the Victoria Day weekend seems to be the specific days for western Canadians to be out in their yards with flats of bedding plants and packages of seeds. Tonight, I took...

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Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Life

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So many people talk with me about the "big" things that are stressful. Often, it is the "little" things, however, that either contribute to the problems or prevent the individual from coping with them. Following are ten things that you can do to keep the stress in your life to a minimum: Get enough sleep - When you are tired, you lost perspective and can make errors in judgment. Having a regular bedtime that you honor (even on weekends) should provide at least eight hours for sleep. Eat three nutritious meals a day - Skipping breakfast is the same as...

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New Beginnings in Letting Go!

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As we approach a new year, we hear numerous promotions by gymnasiums and weight loss programs. Financial planners encourage us to meet with them in order to develop a retirement plan. Retail stores invite us to purchase items at reduced prices. Everyone is after us to do more or accumulate more. I have decided to do less and get rid of things in the next year. I am determined to work fewer hours and simplify my business bookkeeping practices. If I use less paper, I will have less to shred one day. Renovating my office has resulted in three smaller...

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