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Dr. Linda Hancock 16. The Sixteenth Year Home and Family Home and Family_And More iStock Self Improvement Self Improvement_Organizing

Recently I noticed a huge, heavy box on a high shelf in my storage room.   Because it wasn’t labelled I had absolutely no idea what was in it.  How shocked I was once it was at ground level to realize what was inside. There were several hundred greeting cards.   Some were from various birthdays and graduations that I had over the years.    Many were sympathy cards that had arrived after the death of my mother.   A leather pouch that was embossed with “Important Documents” contained wills and insurance policies from my dad who died in 1979.   There were newspaper clippings,...

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The Day Book

Dr. Linda Hancock 07. The Seventh Year Self Improvement Self Improvement_Organizing

My mother taught school for thirty-five years. Twenty-seven of them were in grade two! Every night, before she left the classroom, she would do two things. First of all, she would straighten up the room - brushing the blackboards, picking up paper on the floor and organizing the top of her desk. Then she would bring out what she called her "Day Book" and write down all the things that she would do with the students the next day. Now this wasn't a very complex task. She might write "Focus on the letter M" or "Learn about measurement" or "Complete...

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How to Organize All the Paper in Your Personal Life

Dr. Linda Hancock 06. The Sixth Year iStock Self Improvement Self Improvement_Organizing

Last week I had two clients who told me that they have been feeling overwhelmed with all the things that they need to do. They explained that they know there are specific deadlines on certain paperwork projects that they have to do but just can't get started because they have things scattered all over the house! Here are some of the tips that I gave these individuals: Find a rather large container that you will use to hold all the paperwork Walk into every room of the house and put all the paperwork you find into the container Go to...

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Organization Builds Your Reputation and Reduces Your Stress

Dr. Linda Hancock iStock Self Improvement Self Improvement_Organizing

One of the most important things that you can do to build your business and reduce your stress is to get organized. This begins at the very start of the day and ends as you crawl into bed at night. Be on time - It is just as easy to be five minutes early than to be five minutes late. You might need to set your clock to allow for this or just force yourself to avoid things that would distract you from getting to where you need to be. Having your clothing and living quarters in order will save...

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Cleaning Up Your Life

Dr. Linda Hancock 02. The Second Year iStock Self Improvement Self Improvement_Organizing

When I walk into my condo at night, I can tell exactly what condition my life is in at the time. You see I use my living environment as a gauge or thermometer that reveals my emotional situation. When there are shoes in the doorway, piles of unread newspapers on the couch and dishes in the sink I know that life, which has made many demands on my time and energy, has also drained my personal resources. Taking a couple of hours to put things in order not only improves the appearance of my home but also allows me to...

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