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Three Reasons Why Abusers Use Domestic Violence in Their Relationships

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Frequently I am questioned by clients, family and friends about my work with people who are involved in domestic violence.  One of the questions most asked is why someone who appears to be so friendly and nice on the surface can resort to abusive behaviours.  This article offers three reasons why a person might do so. Domestic Abuse was part of their history - Not every person who becomes an abuser was abused in the past and here is definitely not a guarantee that those who were abused will become abusive, however, many children who have been abused or have witnessed...

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Three Mistakes That People Make in Domestic Violence Partnerships

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There are several things that cause the cycle of abuse to spin around and around.  Three of these are the things that the person who is being abused does.  This article describes the three biggest mistakes that the victim believes which holds them emotionally and physically. Three of the dangerous mistakes that victims make are: Minimizing- When a person uses terms such as "difficult situation" instead of "physical abuse", the crime seems to be less serious.  Often people who are abused state "It only happened a few times” or focus on the abuser's strengths rather than the violence.  Domestic violence...

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Abuse is Not Age Related

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There are a number of different types of abuse which are evidenced in all cultures across all age groups. Emotional, physical, sexual, mental or social abuses unfortunately are prevalent across North America. Imagine two circles, one inside the other, in a manner that would be similar to a wheel. Within the hub are the words "Power and Control". Each person needs to have the power to do things in life and the ability to control his or her environment to a certain degree. When a person begins to steal the power and control belonging to another person, however, an abusive...

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