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Retirement Thoughts

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I am way beyond the magic number that is generally considered retirement age.   Often people ask me why I continue to work.   There isn’t just one answer to that question.   You may want to consider the following ideas when you are planning your own retirement: Satisfaction – I love my work and my clients!! Whether I am providing therapy, writing articles, or teaching seminars, I look forward to each workday.   My clients challenge me to help them develop strategies to improve their lives and also keep me informed about the changes they are experiencing in society.  Milton Garland who was...

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Integrity Vs Despair

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My uncle was a judge of the Queen's Bench of Canada. I remember how upset he was when he was told that he had to retire by his 75th birthday. He waited until the day before that birthday to leave office and was upset that he didn't have a choice in this matter. My uncle's opinion was certainly in stark contrast to the "freedom 55" messages that were being thrown at us a few years ago! Everyone seems to have an idea about retirement - when it should begin and how life should be lived thereafter. Some individuals query whether...

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Retirement - Make It Golden

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The other day my ophthalmologist asked me if I have plans for retirement. My answer was "I'm never going to retire". He seemed surprised by this and asked me why I said that. My answer was simple: "I love what I do, don't golf and don't have a yard. I can work and still do all the things that I would be doing in retirement." Retirement is a funny term and certainly means different things to different people: 1. Freedom - Those who are unhappy with their work might count the days until they can walk away from the employer....

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