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Grief and Loss

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Throughout life we experience many losses which cause mental suffering.  Some involve death while others involve significant losses such as relationships, jobs or even material things.  Many believe that the most difficult to face is the loss of a dream.  When a child dies, for example, the parents lose their dream of seeing that child graduate, marry and grow. Because of the drastic changes that have accompanied the pandemic I thought it would be important to review the stages of grief and loss.   These were outlined in a book written by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross who watched people and their...

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When Your Young Child Dies

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The first time that you held your newborn baby in your arms you dreamed of life, vitality and the future. It likely never crossed your mind that your child might actually die before you. And so, when this happened, it is no wonder that you found yourself confused, upset and shocked. This isn't the way that you planned it! Other people, with the best of intentions might offer advice that upsets you even more than you had been before they said it. You don't want to hear that you were "lucky" to have had the child for a short time,...

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Reasons Why People Do or Don't Want Funerals

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Lately there seems to be more of a trend towards not having funerals when individuals die. Some of this stems from the decisions that the person made before death and some from the decisions of the family members after the death. I think there are three main reasons why funerals are held for individuals and three for why they are not held. First the reasons why they are not held: 1. Finances - Funerals can be very expensive and often families cannot afford to have them. The person who is dying might even make a request that any estate that...

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