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What's Happening in Canada?

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Canada is the only G8 nation without a national mental health strategy and mental health is the most under-serviced part of the health care system. This seems rather strange considering the fact that one out of five Canadians will experience a mental illness at some time in life. But changes are coming. In 2007 the Mental Health Commission of Canada was formed. Its objectives are to create a practical guide for mental health transformation through a ten-year mental health promotion and discrimination campaign. At its base is a goal of developing knowledge for Canadians and conducting research projects involving homeless...

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What Would Improve Them and Are We Really Open to Change?

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I think we have all heard or lived horror stories that involve waiting in an Emergency Department for hours and hours in order to see a physician. Some of us have loved ones who were admitted to hospital and then died, not from the initial diagnosis but because they contracted an infection or fell and broke a hip after admission. Often the system is blamed for this. If we talk with health care professionals, we hear repeated stories about lack of resources and inadequate staffing levels that are coupled with more and more demands as our increasingly aging population grows....

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A Public or Private Matter?

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I'm confused! Over the past few months there has been a great deal of controversy at both federal and provincial levels about the possibility of creating a two-tiered system of health care in our country. Former Premier Klein introduced what he termed the "Third Way" but, when questioned about the details of this, the then Minister of Health Iris Evans stated, "Nothing has been cast in stone yet". I guess what is confusing to me is that I don't really understand the meaning of the term "health-care" and thought we already had a two-tiered system. In fact, if we were...

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